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The Lea



Explore the rivers, canals, streams, brooks and channels which flow down the Lea Valley.

The Lea and its tributaries

Old River Lea

Flood relief channel

Hackney Cut

Dagenham Brook

A living river

Floods and flood prevention

Crossing the Lea


Bridges, ferries and fords across the Lea.

Lea Bridge, old and new

Kings Head Bridge

Friends Bridge

Dock Bridge

Strongs Bridge

Cow, Marshgate & Temple Bridges

Horseshoe Bridge and High Bridge

Lea Railway Bridge

Ferry Bridge

Ferries and fords

Locks, Docks and Weirs


The Lea has been tamed for navigation, production and commerce over many centuries.

Lea Dock

Lea Bridge Dock

Lea Bridge Dry Dock

Lea Bridge Weir

Half Lock

Pond Lane Gates

Homerton Lock

Rowing, boating and fishing


The Lea has provided East London with places for sport and leisure for many centuries.

Boat Houses

Rowing Clubs in 1889


Boating mishaps

Floods and flood prevention

The story of flooding and measures to combat them.

A living river

Despite continuing issues with pollution,the Lea teems with life, providing habitat, supporting biodiversity and sustaining the wider ecology of the Lea Valley.

Drawing and plan references

A list of drawings and plans relating to the Lea and stored in National Collections.

Then and Now

Guess where these historic views were taken from?

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